Another wave

by pablofernandezwriting

The last sailor sleepwalked into thick night
And woke up thinking morning out of darkness
He found himself by recognizing
Waves that dashed again against the hull
Another wave that breaks against the hull
Another day in this to be a wreckage
Knowing no man in it will live to see the land
Still for finding land I wait for daylight
Dreams crashed on and on against reality
-Common symptom of a mind not fully awaken-
And still it seems to be reality
That crashes against dreams.
Did you hear that? Another wave
That breaks against the hull
Another thought has died waiting for sunrise.

What is that over there?
A nuclear explosion breaks amidst the mist
The now burning horizon
But look again and better
It is night still nothing
But thick night
The larder was empty
Wine was over bread stone
What a shame this milk now turned to gall
Going out, he looked up at the wooden tower
And thought about the watcher, that loony
Who didn’t like the food and starved to death
Who said he saw his loved one and died in loneliness
He who cried “Land!” so many times
While no one washed his eyes
With something else than sea
I say his cries is all he left, anyway
All I leave will be by the sea washed
Another wave dashes
Again against the hull
And morning doesn’t come

There must be land invisibly close
If only there was light to clear the view
If there was only night without this mist
And land was sure
Or it was sure instead
To be no land
I’d be unchained
And free to leave
I am blind with worlds my mind
Creates for my mind only

Not another night
Waiting for sun he lived his life again
He touched the skin his skin had touched
He even lived lives that never were.
Past that was
And past that could not be
Were as present then as present was
The forty days of solitude returned
The thickness of other nights as that one then
Not another night
It is always night and night
That never brings the sun
Night was fast and morning lost the track
Deciding to be free he flew away
And flew and flew under the waves
Cold water washed his face
His hair his arms
Through his mind nothing but present
He sunk and didn’t know himself
And didn’t care
Sunshine was then seen through shining eyes
Another wave faded in the sea.