Titleless Mythology


Titleless Mythology

The wind carries
My love away
My tears navigate now the river
Not the strongest hurricane
Disturbs the mountain
I have anchored myself to the summit
Not anymore,
Now I want to dissolve
In the wind, to melt
Down into the river, to embrace
With my body the world
But so long is the world
And so short are my arms
That I pretend to be the proud
King of my mountain

All about this I want
To tell you but my tongue
Is so heavy, so heavy
Is my heart
In my chest, my feet
Are stuck and my liver
Is open and bleeding.

I have consumed my nature
In the fire of being human
And now every night my liver is open
For the eagle to enter
And devour me again


Copper Colored Water

Opening your eyes, flowers in the shrub
Are snow in a dark green sky.
You are filled with the copper colored water
Following the creek like the keys of an oboe
(from the reed to the bell).
You become one with the smell
(Wood and grass, undisguised and undistinguished)
And with the mimics
Of 16000 boughs
Meeting the wind

In a joyful copulation.
I wont be able to bath
In this river tomorrow
To pass this river is to die
And to be born, for this river is life
As much as life is life itself.
The forest sees death and sees birth
And sees even beyond.

In Lakes of Glendaloch

Rock the wind does
Not blow away
While dancing with tree tops
Far beyond the hills
Aimless birds following
As my mind wanders
Snow shifts slender down the rocks
Swiftly with the creeks
Reflect themselves and see
Themselves reflected
In skies sunk
In lakes of Glendaloch


Standing over you
His sword in one hand
His token in the other
Showing you
There is also a beauty
In being defeated

The Tower

When in a city I search for houses,
I find only towers
Past the mountain
Facing the bay
Build a tower
Walls of mirror made
For nobody and for everybody.

Let the tower be as you are
With strength that reaches the sky
The sun will rain on top of it
Where the wind passes
And the forest below
Is beating blinding and alive.

Hide the tower well
For whenever I am lost
I will always find it.

The Fall

One could have said
In her hand she held a human heart
Her lips caressed the surface
Her teeth bit through the core
Adam had never wanted her so badly
Under the terror of his eyes
He hid a smile
They fell
-They knew they would and didn’t care-
Like those who fly too high
They suffered for the first time
Burning embracing kissing
And once the fall was over
They made love in the mud.

The kid and the stone

It is hard to notice
The hand upon his thigh
Hides a stone.
With that subtle ally
He has already won.

The thumb caresses
The sand
Upon the rocky surface
If seen from below his left arm
You could almost see some fear.
If his arm covers his mouth
Your eyes will also know
He has already won.

His heart is beating faster
He knows his fear
And he is not afraid
The moment has already passed
Why be afraid?
His legs like tree roots planted
His body tastes
The tension of the instant
He has died so many times already
So many times he has faced his enemy
And has taken him down
The stone has spoken
Go son, you are free now
You have already won.